Nazi State Russia

Nazi Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine, in violation of international law, proves that Nazi Russia is a product of hell. For decades one had the feeling that in Russia there was a form of humanity and a desire for peace similar to that in large parts of the civilized world, but now we see that Russia has become a Nazi state. TV programs discuss war fantasies and hatred of other peoples. Of course, the Nazi regime directs this. What is being discussed in Nazi Russia is taken to be moronic from the outside. Like 70 years ago in Nazi Germany, only more modern.

The lies about the justification of the so-called special operation - it would be possible for NATO to attack Russia from Ukraine or for Nazis to rule in Ukraine - to the point that Ukraine would be controlled by the USA or the West is all there. Apparently in Russia lies are perceived as truth, and because one infers others from oneself, the truth of others is of course also a lie. As sick as it sounds, the Russians tease that the Ukrainians are Nazis, in fact only the Russians are Nazis and don't even realize it.

The Aggressive war against Ukraine, Rapes of Ukrainian women, executions of people on the streets, torture of prisoners of war Ukrainians in special torture rooms, mass graves, shelling on Ukrainian infrastructure affecting millions of people, destruction of residential buildings, obstruction of grain exports with negative impact on other countries, all this shows that Russia is a Nazi state with a Nazi regime with which there can be no future together. Also, the perfidious justifications of attacks on Ukraine because the West is fueling the war by supplying arms to Ukraine would only prolong the war. This makes it clear that Russia has not yet reached the stage of evolution that prevails in the world. The inhuman notion that the world should just stand by and watch when a country is attacked fits into the bestial paradigm of the Nazi regime.

The war against Ukraine is being labeled as a special operation by the Nazi regime, by a former KGB agent and now Nazi regime leader, as if it were a secret affair like it was back in the 1980's. This shows the regime's primitive mindset. Now one no longer has to wonder why so many Kremlin critics have suddenly died in recent years, been poisoned, irradiated, shot, or thrown out of the window. These mafia methods are used by a state regime that believes it can be accepted by the world.

The Nazi regime in Moscow sends hundreds of thousands of freshly recruited soldiers to the front as cannon fodder. It is cruel for Ukraine to shoot them all. This Russian bestial Nazi regime is knowingly burning parts of its own population for an unwinnable war.

However, the United Nations have made it clear what they think of Russia. It is clear, the world support the ukraine for self defence. The world is committed to it and will do so until Ukraine has regained its territorial sovereignty, for reasons of humanity nothing else is possible. Nazi Russia have to pay reparations to Ukraine. Just as Nazi Germany had to pay for its wars for many decades.

It is unlikely that there will ever be a democracy in Russia. The mafia system is structured in such a way that whoever moves up comes from the KGB or FSB clan. That is why the elections have no influence on the mafia system. In addition, the mafia regime sees itself as a legitimate government, just like in other dictatorships like North Korea or others.

The world really needs the Iron Curtain again to protect civilizations from barbarism in the 21st century.